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Raikou WIP by InflammableMika Raikou WIP :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 2 0 Gijinka/Ninja poke'mon legendary Arcanine by InflammableMika Gijinka/Ninja poke'mon legendary Arcanine :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 15 1 Pokemon: NineTale Fox by InflammableMika Pokemon: NineTale Fox :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 19 4 Kiba's Property by InflammableMika Kiba's Property :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 1 3 Teen Top by InflammableMika Teen Top :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 1 0 Teen Top is back by InflammableMika Teen Top is back :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 2 1 Arcanine Vs Vulpix by InflammableMika Arcanine Vs Vulpix :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 9 3 Team Gary by InflammableMika Team Gary :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 6 0 Go arcanine by InflammableMika Go arcanine :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 7 1 pokemon: Arcanine by InflammableMika pokemon: Arcanine :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 26 10 Arcanine by InflammableMika Arcanine :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 35 3 panda nii by InflammableMika panda nii :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 4 0 Panda ichi by InflammableMika Panda ichi :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 2 0 Wish Upon A Fairy Tale by InflammableMika Wish Upon A Fairy Tale :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 16 6 Hoshikuzu by InflammableMika Hoshikuzu :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 9 15 Kiba Inuzuka by InflammableMika Kiba Inuzuka :iconinflammablemika:InflammableMika 9 3


Renji AbaraixReader: More then Friends
"What the heck are you guys doing here?!"  Ichigo yelled jumping up from his seat and gasping at six familiar people standing at the door to his class.  His classmate and fellow substitute soul reaper, (Name) , look up from her notebook.
Your eyes widen as you spot the group.  "Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, Rukia and Toshiro!  Hi!"
"That's Captain Hitsugaya!"  Toshiro said as a vein appeared on his forehead.
"Answer me!"  Ichigo yelled.  "What are you guys doing here?"
"We're on a mission."  Renji answered.  "We were sent here to help the Deputy Soul Reapers prepare for a battle with the arrancars."  Ichigo and Renji started argueing because Ichigo didn't reconigize the name arrancar.  
:icon13youko:13Youko 469 2,010
Congrats! AU [Reiner x Pregnant!Reader]
      You groaned. The baby kept kicking, and it was really painful. You rubbed your bulging stomach, making poor attempts to calm it down. You and Reiner didnt want to know the gender of the baby, so it could be a surprise. The baby could be due any minute now, and you tried to stand. Reiner was in his office, working on some stuff for the office. You could hear his pen jabbing down whatever he was writing, and you could hear the crinkling of paper. You stood up and cautiously walked towards his office, holding your belly. Your [h/c] hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and you were wearing a [fav/c] stretchy shirt that would be oversized if you weren't pregnant, and black yoga pants. You leaned on the doorway, panting. His blonde head of hair shot up, and turned towards you. You smiled sneakily at him, and he blushed. He tried to cover up what he was doing and you headed towards his desk. You grabbed his shoulders and began massaging him. 
:iconarizonatea207:ArizonaTea207 149 36
Bad Day Snuggles|MarcoxReader
Bad Day Snuggles
Marco Bodt was always there for you. It was so comforting to just have that tiny little voice in your head whenever you were having a shitty day that Marco was going to be there at the end, lifting your spirits.
Marco was always there, his arms extended and ready to envelope you in his warm embrace.
"Marco..." you murmured, rubbing the gauze over your wrist. Marco's attention from Jean was quickly subsided as he saw your frown. A concerned expression crossed his face.
He shared a knowing glance with Jean, and Jean nodded, hopping off Marco's bottom bunk bed. "Come here," Marco said, opening up his arms. You charged for him, burying your face in his chest and hugging his torso tightly.
"I cut myself again in training," you muttered. Marco laughed lightly. "You need to be more careful next time, (y/n)." he chuckled, kissing the top of your head.
Already, you felt more positive. A weak smile crossed your face as you looked up at Marco with your
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 160 40
Flaming Cat + PSD by PSHoudini Flaming Cat + PSD :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 6,014 1,169 Gaiters by Suslov-fecit Gaiters :iconsuslov-fecit:Suslov-fecit 1,191 149




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